Shane Warne on the Senior Tour?


Shane Warne 595

CRICKETING great Shane Warne has spoken of his love of golf and says it would be “a dream” to make it on to the senior tour.

The 10 handicapper knows his limitations and that it would take a lot of work but wasn’t ruling it out when interviewed at a celebrity golf day he hosted recently in England.

“If you said what would be a dream – it would be to make the Senior Tour in six years,” Warne said in an interview with Your Golf Travel at The Grove golf club.

“[It] would mean I would have to do a hell a lot of practice – and I wouldn’t be good enough,” the 44 year old said self-depreciatively.

“I’d love to actually do something like that, so who knows if work starts stopping and I get a few years to practice and play a lot of golf who knows .. I might be on the senior tour. That would be pretty cool.”

Many may absently dream of a place on the senior tour but in his favour the former king of spin did actually shoot a one-under par 71 at last year’s Dunhill Links Championship on the Old Course at St Andrews, beating a number of big name professionals.

The accompanying video shows Warne’s wide ranging interview on his passion for golf, including his favourite courses in Melbourne, favourite courses worldwide and his tip for the 2014 Masters.


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