2013 British Open TV Coverage in Australia

British Open logo thumbONCE again there will be no free to air television coverage of the 2013 British Open in Australia.

Those without pay tv need to find a suitable internet streaming site, an accommodating club, or a friend. (We’ve discussed this issue before in articles such as: 2010 British Open free to air television coverage – an entire hour right after th midnight Skippy repeat)


2013 British Open Fox Sports TV Schedule


In Australia Fox Sports will have live coverage of the British Open across all four rounds.

The published schedule (AEST) is:

Thursday July 18th

Round 1, 6pm – 5am

Friday July 19th

Round 2, 6pm – 5am

Saturday July 20th

Round 3, 9.30pm – 4.30am

Sunday July 21st

Round 4, 8pm – 4am

For those without the HD service, some coverage is on the Sports Play channel.


  1. Can anyone advise whether a free-to-air network had the rights to show the Open but have declined to do it ? If so,why not show it if they already paid for the rights ? Golf in this country is being treated as a second class citizen these days. You get live cricket and tennis. Why not the golf ?

  2. Channel Nine were the traditional broadcasters of this event but in recent years have shown no inclination whatsoever to cover it.

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