Tom Watson “Lessons of a Lifetime” Golf Instruction: Putting 2


TOM WATSON continues his advice on putting in our second video clip on the subject from his best-selling “Lessons of a Lifetime” DVD set.

Watson talked about the grip and grip pressure in the first clip and here talks further about the setup.

The eight time Major winner recommends taking a view practice swings with the putter to determine the bottom of the swing arc.

“You determine where the exact bottom of the stroke is right there,” Watson says.

Once that spot is determined Watson recommends placing the ball half an inch in front of that mark.

Watson also recommends having the putter hang directly down, rather than having the hands forward or back, and having the eyes directly over the ball or the ball line.

Watson discusses a number of other key putting fundamentals and drills  in the two DVD set including:

How to Aim

–          Either pick a spot near the hole to aim for or, like Dave Stockton, pick a spot just inches from your ball and aim

Making a Putt

–          Keep your head still and listen for the ball to go into the hole

Accelerate into the Ball

–          A key fundamental to the putting stroke is an acceleration into the ball

How to Putt Under Pressure

–          Never fear failure

–          Maintain the rhythm

–          Commit to the line

–          Hit ball in center of putter

–          Again, keep head still and listen for ball to go into the hole

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