Tom Watson “Lessons of a Lifetime” Golf Instruction: Putting 1

TOM WATSON says when talking about putting, just like the full golf swing, you need to go back to the fundamentals.

That means starting with the grip, but the difference with putting is that there are all sorts of different grips.

You need to find your right grip and on this video clip from Watson’s best-selling “Lessons of a Lifetime” two DVD golf instruction series the eight-time Major winner recommends two preferred putting grips.

The first is the one used by the renowned South African player Bobby Locke, who Watson says many golfers believe was the greatest putter to ever play the game.

“He thought the thumbs should go straight down the top of the shaft in the grip,” Watson says.

Reverse overlap putting grip

“I use what is called a reverse overlap. Instead of having your normal grip like this with your little finger around here (he demonstrates having the right hand little finger overlapping the left forefinger), I put the little finger on the club with the right hand and overlap it with the forefinger of the left hand.

“This gives me a better connection with both hands on the golf club.”

Putting grip pressure

Watson recommends that in the putting grip, similar to the full swing, the last three fingers of the left hand should grip on to the club just a little bit tighter.

“That means that when you have your putter in the left hand that you are able to take the putter back with the last three fingers of the left hand guiding the putter back.

“The right hand is on there very consistently with the other fingers of the left hand so you don’t have much difference in any pressure in any finger in any hand.”

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  1. I’ve used the thumbs down grip for most of my life. It feels the most comfortable to me and I can feel the putter head moving back and forth.

    From here I like to ensure the putter blade moves in sync with the left arm. In the other words the left arm is an extension of the putter.

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