Tom Watson Lessons of a Lifetime: Aim and Alignment 2

Tom Watson demonstrating the “Goal post” method of aimning the golf shot

TOM WATSON recommends two main methods of aiming in his “Lessons of a Lifetime” golf instruction series.

The first he identifies as the Jack Nicklaus Method and the second the Goal Post Method.

Nicklaus Method

  • Pick a spot one or two feet in front of your ball directly in line with your target
  • Get behind the ball to look at the spot
  • Address the shot
  • Set the club head down behind the ball and aim at the spot first, then look up at the target
  • Look at the spot, then target, eyes back to the ball and swing

Goal Post Method

  • Set left and right limit like American football goalposts (or above the crossbar on rugby goalposts) so you have a “width” to hit through, rather than an exact point of aim

Aim and Alignment Clip 2

In the following clip taken from the Lessons of a Lifetime DVD 1, Watson points out a further important aspect of aiming.

That is , that golf shots, like putts, often have a bend or break to them, so it is important to start your aim line NOT directly at the target but away from the target to allow for the movement of the ball in the air.

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  1. I remember Jack Nicklaus saying years ago that when you understand and apply the correct aim and alignment you are 80% of the way to better golf.

    I see so many times golfers aiming either way right or way left of the target … and not on purpose!

  2. Yes Troy, it is amazing how simple things like getting your alignment right can make such a big difference to your game.

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