Tom Watson Lessons of a Lifetime: Basic Bunker Shot

TOM WATSON probably couldn’t be more right in saying many amateur golfers are afraid of bunkers.

In the video clip below the eight-time Major winner explains, in his usual straightforward, no-nonsense manner, the fundamentals of the sand wedge and playing the basic bunker shot.

Watson’s notes on playing the basic bunker shot are:

  • Open body to target (aim left)
  • Aim club face to right of target
  • Swing along body line
  • Enter the sand (a couple of inches behind the ball) with the flange of the club

[jwplayer mediaid=”4779″]

There’s further instruction on playing bunkers in the associated video clip: Tom Watson’s favourite bunker drill

These clips are from Watson’s best-selling golf instruction double-DVD set: Lessons of a Lifetime. Of course, there’s lots more extended instruction on playing bunker shots from all sorts of lies in the DVD series.

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