No British Open Golf free to air television coverage

LOTS of people are searching for where they can find live coverage of the 2009 British Open Golf on free to air television in Australia.

The short answer is that there is none.

Channel Nine has the rights but in a magnificent effort from a network that once prided itself on its sports coverage, will only telecast a one hour highlights package at midnight two days after the tournament is over.

Tremendous effort that, as one of its erstwhile sports commentators used to continually repeat.

Of course you will find it live on pay television but for those without the only other alternative is to watch one of the many live internet streams.

If you only have an average internet connection that may not be ideal, but it is watchable.

Just search for British Open golf live internet streams a little closer to the event and check them out for yourself to decide what action you should take.

Some of these include sites such as MyP2P,, and

Adam Scott will be the first Australian to tee off on Thursday. That’s at 4.25pm (AEST). The Fox tv coverage begins at 6pm, so even those with a pay tv service can give the interntet streaming channels a go.

Here’s to the (hopefully) near future when everyone has access to fast broadband and we can all watch or download what we want when we want, and we’ll no longer be at the whim of tired, dinasour televison networks.

And they wonder why they are losing viewers and viewer loyalty hand over fist.


  1. this sure is fucking bullshit just imagine if wimbeldon tennis was not shown free to air !!!

  2. What a dog-in-the-manger attitude from Channel 9. One wonders how they can justify the vast amount of money they must have paid for the rights, when they don’t show it – just to stop anyone else putting it to air. They should have their broadcast licence shredded for this act of bastardry!

  3. I think you will find that Channel 9 cannot AFFORD to broadcast the British Open!
    They are going to the wall owing what….4 BILLION dollars! Just look at the total crap programmes they show…all the stuff the Yanks produce that no one else wants! They cannot sell advertising time (is it any wonder) so hopefully they will disappear up their own orifice!
    It is just a matter of time although that doesn’t do we golf enthusiasts any good at the moment.

  4. I think that channel nine should have any rights to any sport telecast revoked if they buy the rights and then refuse to put golf or any other sport on.This will help other channels to the rights establish a constant support for other programs as well.If any one knows who we can complain to please post the address and if anouth complain perhaps someone will do something about it

  5. The US Masters and the British Open are the two premier golf tournments on the planet and not airing the British Open in Australia is shameful. Also now that we have a young Aussie one off the lead & the change for Tom Watson to wish what will be a once in a lifetime event at 59 years – Australia is certainly showing that in some areas we are indeed backwards to the rest of the world and how dare we tell others what to do.

  6. Jeff, the first place to lodge a complaint is to Channel Nine itself. The British Open is one of just four golf tournaments on the Federal Government’s anti-siphoning list. That doesn’t mean free to air is legally required to show it, only that they get first crack at securing the rights. It was Nine that decided not to broadcast it in any meaningful form.
    The Federal Government makes the rules so complaints should also go to the Federal Communications Minister.
    Hopefully next year it will be on one of the free to air digital channels.

  7. In the end, Channel Nine relented and broadcast the final round of the British Open live from 11pm on Sunday.
    At least you have to give them credit for listening to their viewers. Judging by the level of interest in the topic here and elsewhere, there must have been an awful lot of complaints.

  8. You will find plenty of internet sites offering ‘TV on your PC’ at a cost. Don’t pay for a free programme. Download Sopcast it is free and safe and even advises you NOT to pay, then go to MyP2P you will see many sites with the British Open, click on ‘play’ I had to try a few which didn’t work then found one worked perfectly no buffering delays.

  9. This is an absolute disgrace. With so many free-to-air channels now, surely one of them could provide coverage of this major championship. Channel 9 seems to constantly thumb its nose to the viewing public. Is there a broadcasting authority where complaints can be directed?

  10. I have been playing and watching golf for 55 years and I can not imagine how Channel nine can justify denying the Aust public a a chance to watch the biggest sporting event in the golfing world.

    Channel nine must sell the rights to some other channel that cares.

    T B Anna Bay

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