2012 US Open Golf Australian TV Times

UNFORTUNATELY for those without access to pay television the 2012 US Open golf won’t be featuring on free to air television in Australia.

The broadcaster of last year – TEN and ONE HD – seems to have abandoned Australian golf fans altogether and this year won’t even be covering the Australian Open from The Lakes.

The only option for those without Fox Sports access is to try internet streaming services (such as those available at MyP2P).

For those with Foxtel or Austar on the other hand there’s more US Open live and repeat golf coverage than might be medically appropriate. You’ll also find the odd US Open special prior to the event.

The Australian US Open Fox Sports coverage is as follows:


Friday, 1st Round: 6am – 12pm

Saturday, 2nd Round: 6am – 12pm

Sunday, 3rd Round: 6am – 12pm

Monday, Final Round: 6am – 12pm


Friday: 2 – 5:30pm, 8 – 11:30pm

Saturday: 2:30 – 7:30pm

Sunday: 3 – 6am, 2:30 – 6:30pm, 7:30 – 11:30pm

Monday: 2 – 6am, 2 – 5:30pm, 7:30 – 11pm

Tuesday: 2:30 – 6am


  1. I now wonder if The Masters next year will be on free-to-air TV. It is a sad day for Golf fans. I thought the Government had guaranteed free-to-air access for major sporting events. What happened with that ?

  2. Trevor, the problem wouldn’t seem to be with the government but with the networks. TEN has the rights to the US Open just as NINE has the rights to the British Open.
    They just don’t have the inclination to broadcast them.

  3. Never had more channels…and more broadcast hours to fill…never had less of the four majors…golf and tennis…US open not being telecast is a joke if Ten has the rights…Briish open vanished years ago…(thanks Nine)…will be looking with interest to see if Wimbledon 2012 shrinks to a one hour highlights package of the previous day…the networks and the so called anti-syphoning legislation have failed free to air sports fans totally…MAD AS HELL ABOUT THIS !

  4. …and should have added IS THERE ANYTHING CAN WE DO ABOUT IT…other than mutter darkly to each other…which doesn’t really achieve much ???

  5. I would think the free to air stations would be doing all possible to stop their viewers switching to pay TV. Actions such as not telecasting the US Open leave us no choice.

    Here’s what 10 is broadcasting instead tomorrow morning…..

    6.00 am: KAKADU INVASION
    7.30 am: PEARLIE
    8.30 am: TOTALLY WILD
    9.00 am: SCOPE
    9.30 am: GOOD CHEF BAD CHEF
    10.00 am: THE DOCTORS
    11.00 am: LOSING IT

    You have got to be kidding me…what rubbish.

    And there’s not even a late night highlights package?

    Not a happy golfer Jan.

  6. Pretty hard for TEN to fit in a one hour highlights package, after all they only have three channels to choose from. And so much high quality programming!

  7. Always wary of conspiracy theories, but if you dig a little deeper on this issue a consensus emerges that Lachlan Murdoch is using his influence at Ten to strip sports programming out of One…removing the only free to air sports channel in competition with his other interest…Fox Sports…a lot of angry basketball fans out there too…venting their spleens on blogs and the like…just might be something in it?

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