Why do you love golf?

WITH Valentine’s Day just over and thoughts of love still in the air – for some at least – the obvious questions is: What made you fall in love with golf?

Was it love at first sight? Did it happen slowly over time or are you still trying to kid yourself it’s only a casual relationship and you can quit any time you like?

Is golf like a long-time loving partner, a cruel mistress, a bit of both, or do you just wish you could go back to the heady feelings of the first date when maybe scoring wasn’t the most important thing on your mind?

The PGA of America decided to use the occasion this week to ask their Facebook followers the question.

Their most popular answers from nine down in descending order were:

9. The focus it requires. If you’re going to play well, you really do need to forget about everything else, right?

8. The sights, smells and sounds. The smell of the freshly cut grass, the sound of a crisply struck iron shot… Ahhh…

7. Pulling off a shot. Pulling off that perfect shot just like you imagined. Even if it is the only one in the round that will bring you back for more.

6. Always enjoyed watching, but finally played. Look mum/dad/dear/mate, I can do it just like Tiger Woods.

5. It’s a sport for life. Unlike most other sports, you’re never too old to play golf. A very happy outcome for all us older golfers.

4. It’s peaceful. A beautiful setting with the sounds of nature — it’s a lot better than an office building with the sounds of ringing phones or a factory floor, right?

3. A particular player. Just like any sport, we all have our heroes that draw us to the game.

2. Attending a tournament. Seeing all the talent on display at a tournament can certainly draw you in.

1. It reminds you of special times spent with your family. Whether it was a grandparent, a parent, many of us have that loved one to thank for our love of the game.

So what’s your excuse?

See the full story complete with individual responses on the PGA.Com website here.

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