Titleist launches new 2012 golf ball range

TITLEIST will launch its new 2012 golf ball range in Australia this month (February) month designed for golfers across every skill level.

The four new golf balls (which don’t include the high end ProV1 range) are updated versions of the NXT Tour, NXT Tour S, DT SoLo and an all new Velocity distance ball.

Titleist 2012 golf ball range

Titleist says the range has been designed to deliver best in category quality, consistency and performance.

As an added innovation most also come in “optic yellow” as well as white.

In a statement this week Titleist said:

“New NXT Tour and NXT Tour S deliver the best scoring performance available with a non-urethane cover.  Trusted by golfers for over a decade, NXT Tour has been improved for 2012 to deliver even longer distance while retaining its commanding scoring shot performance.  New NXT Tour S offers NXT Tour-like performance with a softer compression feel.

The all-new Velocity provides explosive distance via the fastest solid core of any Titleist golf ball.

Titleist delivers the Softest DT yet in the New DT SoLo.  Both NXT Tour S and DT SoLo are offered in optic yellow. New Velocity is also available in double-digit play numbers.”

Bill Morgan, the Titleist Senior Vice President of Golf Ball Research and Development, said the development process of all Titleist golf balls was the same.

“It always starts with golfer testing where we identify performance improvements that will help golfers score better and determine what their preference options are,” Morgan said.

“New Titleist NXT Tour, NXT Tour S, Velocity and DT SoLo are the result of this process and deliver the best scoring performance and quality within their respective segment.”

The new Titleist golf ball range is due in Australian and New Zealand golf outlets from February 15.

Recommended Retail Prices for the range are: NXT Tour, NXT Tour S AUD $44.95 (per dozen); Velocity AUD $39.95; DT SoLo AUD $29.95.

For more details on the individual characteristics of the new golf balls check out this Titleist company article.


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