Richmond unstoppable at home in latest Western Sydney vets inter-club 

Report and photos by Noel Rowsell

Penrith Golf Club has moved to the lead in the Western Sydney Region Veteran Golfers Association (WSRVGA) Inter-Club competition, following another strong showing in the July event.

Richmond Golf Club hosted the July event, providing their course in great condition and the players enjoying perfect weather.

Penrith had been mid-field in the rankings early in the year but has struck form mid-season to move into outright first.

The biggest winner on the day however was reigning Club of the Year Richmond, with their quartet of Noel Byles, Jim Bullock, Carol Carter and Brian Holland finishing with the day’s best team score of 151, ahead of Penrith 146, Dunheved 146, Springwood 141, Leonay 139, Wallacia 134, Glenmore Heritage Valley 131 and Stonecutters Ride 127.

The Club of the Year honours appear to be a match in four, even at this
early stage of the year.

Richmond is showing a willingness to defend their title to the utmost
but Penrith currently lead the rankings on 738, ahead of Dunheved 732,
Richmond 731 and Wallacia 728.

The full list of results from the day are as follows:

2BBB Division One: Carol Carter, Carolyn Lozier (Richmond) 45; R/Up Jim
Bullock, Karl Lozier (Richmond) 44 c/b.

2BBB Division Two: Gary Posadas, Keith Wilson (Penrith) 45; Christine
Hoppe, Noel Hoppe (Wallacia) 44 c/b.

Singles: Division One Men: Phillip Tunchon (Penrith) 39, R/Up Jim
Bullock (Richmond) 38; Division Two: Mark Mostyn (Springwood) 38, R/Up
Brian Holland (Richmond) 37; Division Three: Noel Byles (Richmond) 39,
R/Up Robert Sproule (Leonay) 38.

Singles: Division One Women: Sue Evers (Springwood) 38, R/Up Carol
Carter (Richmond) 37; Division Two: Maureen Proctor (Penrith) 38, R/Up
Elaine Williams (Dunheved) 36.

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