Veteran golf’s 2019 “King” and “Queen” of the mountains decided

Story and Photos by Noel Rowsell

The 36th Annual Blue Mountains Veterans Week of Golf was run from 25th Feb – 1st March at Springwood CC, Wentworth Falls CC, Leura GC and Blackheath GC.

47 male players and 18 female players competed over the first three days of competition, which would decide the ultimate king and queen of the mountains.

Wentworth Falls player Jeff Gorrie had the highest score of the week with a 41 points at his home club on Tuesday, setting him up beautifully to ultimately take the title with a winning total of 76 points, narrowly ahead of Garrick Napier (Minamurra GC) on 72 and Stephen Giles (Wentworth Falls) on 71.

Christine Algie was just one of several players down from Bargara GC in Queensland and won the title with a wonderfully consistent week, finishing in the top three place-getters every round and winning the title with a total of 64 points, ahead of Dianne Shadlow (Inverell GC) with 61 c/b and Dot Rose (Ballina GC) 61.

Concise results are:

Overall Winners: Men – 1st place Jeff Gorrie (Wentworth Falls CC) 76 points, 2nd place Garrick Napier (Minnamurra GC) 72, 3rd place Steve Giles (Wentworth Falls CC) 71.

Overall Winners: Women – 1st place Christine Algie (Bargara GC, Qld 64, 2nd place Dianne Shadlow (Inverell GC) 61 c/b, 3rd place Dot Rose (Ballina GC) 61.

Men’s Daily Results: Monday (Springwood CC) – Chris Rose (Ballina GC) 36, Ed Kitchener (BMVGA) 35 c/b, Stephen Giles (Wentworth Falls CC) 35; Tuesday (Wentworth Falls CC) – Jeff Gorrie (Wentworth Falls CC) 41, Garrick Napier (Minamurra GC) 37, Stephen Giles (Wentworth Falls CC) 36; Thursday (Leura GC) – Bob Chruszcz (Leura GC) 39, Robert Wood (Elanora GC) 38, Brad Hansen (Tamworth GC) 37 c/b.

Women’s Daily Results: Monday (Springwood CC) – Christine Algie (Bargara GC, Qld) 32, Leone Burton (Bargara GC, Qld) 31, Robin Kent (Fox Hills) 29; Tuesday (Wentworth Falls CC) – Cheryl Grinlinson (Shoalhaven Heads) 31, Dianne Shadlow (Inverell GC) 31, Christine Algie (Bargara GC, Qld) 30 c/b; Thursday (Leura GC) – Dot Rose (Ballina GC) 35, Christine Algie (Bargara GC, Qld), Sally Hansen (Tamworth GC) 31.

4 Person Ambrose: Friday (Blackheath GC) 1st place – Dot & Chris Rose (Ballina Golf and Sports Club), Charmaine Pattison (Nelson Bay Golf Club) & Nigel Eves (Horizons Golf Resort); 2nd place – Sally & Brad Hansen (Tamworth Golf Glub) & Pat and Nic Van Driest (Riverside Oaks Golf Resort); 3rd place – Sue & Len Payne (Toukley Golf Club), Gary Craig (Bargara Golf Club) & Leone Burton (Bargara Golf Club).


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