Sink those pressure putts: PGA Golf Pro Kerrod Gray golf tip video

IT’S alright for all the pro golfers playing for their millions of dollars, if you want real pressure try being a run of the mill club golfer with a tricky five foot downhill putt for your best round in weeks – 33 stableford points! (Well it has been rather wet and windy lately.)

We all know when the pressure is on – or even often when there’s nothing much on the line – suddenly that little voice gets in your head and says you’re going to miss. You react by concentrating as hard as you can. “Be loose, be loose” you tell yourself, as your body stiffens like a stale pretzel.

But that’s not actually the way to do it, reckons West Australian PGA Pro Kerrod Gray.

In this golf video tip Gray, based at the Joondalup Resort north of Perth, says the answer to sinking the pressure putts is to shift focus from the process to the outcome, so the stroke is a natural reaction rather than a series of forced mechanics.

34 points … here I come.


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