The Great Distance Debate with Lucas Herbert and Mike Clayton: Video

AS the debate over modern golfing equipment and the effect increased hitting distance is having on the game continues to rage this is a fascinating video comparing how a current big hitting young golfer fares using a combination of old and new drivers and balls.

Twenty two year old Lucas Herbert, who recently finished tied second in the 2018 Portugal Masters, here joins veteran pro Mike Clayton and Golf Australia’s Mark Hayes to try and shed some further light on the issue.

Herbert plays a mixture of old and new drivers and balls and comes to the obvious conclusion that modern players have a distinct advantage.

Just for the record, and just measuring overall distance gained, the winners were 1. New Driver with New Balls. 2. New Driver with Old Balls. 3. Old Driver with New Balls. 4. Old Driver with Old Balls.

Herbert gains a real appreciation for the need for better ball striking skills in the old days, as in hitting it right out of the middle.

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