So how many of Australia’s Top 100 golf courses have you played?

Top of the pile … Royal Melbourne is always a sought after venue

AUSTRALIA has some 1,800 golf courses but sometimes it can be all too easy for golfers to get stuck playing just one or two of them.

It can be very comfortable just turning up every week to play in the competition or socially at your local club where you may be a long time member but that can be a shame when there is so much diversity available.

And considering some of the top courses in the world are scattered around the country it makes the situation even more regrettable.

Enter a new website that aims to inspire golfers from Australia – and from around the world – to basically get out more and smell the roses.

Set up by experienced European based golf writer Antonín J. Grimm, the website has the simple concept of listing some of the best and “unique” golf courses around the world in a number of different categories.

For golfers it is easy to register and then tick off courses in the different categories which you can claim to have played.

The categories include The Top 100 Courses in Australia, Top 100 in the World, Top 100 lists for the US, Continental Europe, Oldest courses, “Royal” courses and more, in a growing list.

As Antonin says on the site: “It is not possible to play all golf courses around the world in one lifetime. How about concentrating on some of them – the unique ones?

“……..Have a lot of fun and mark off other courses, in other words fulfil your golf dreams.”

Not having played golf outside Australia (yet!) I was personally restricted to ticking off my courses in the top 100 Australian list. Way up the top at 99 courses out of 100 played is one Brendan James, who happens to be the editor of Golf Australia Magazine, and the source of the Australian Top 100 list.

Way down with a disappointing 14 courses…is poor me (I genuinely thought there would be more – I want some ‘half ticks’ for all the top courses I’ve walked multiple times as part of covering big Australian tournaments).

But all that result does is make me want  – as Antonin has intended –  to get out and tick off some more top course (hopefully I’ll have two more ticks after a trip next month).

If you have played some of golf’s top courses – or intend to – you can join in the fun at

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