Best new putters 2018

AS every golfer knows, one of the most important relationships in their lives is ….. with their putter.

Maybe that should read, one of the most important relationships in their lives with an inanimate object? Then again, some putters have been known to emit a loud squealing noise as they hurtle through the air towards the nearest lake.  

If that, or something similar, has happened – or could happen soon – to your current “favourite” then this video from on the latest 2018 putters could give you some ideas.

Putters canvassed as your possible new special friend include the latest Titleist Scotty Cameron line, Ping’s Vault 2.0 range, Cleveland Golf’s value Huntington Beach selection, and the top selling Odyssey brand’s O-Works Red and Black as well as their new Exo models.

For those looking for something a little more exclusive and exotic there are some offerings from smaller brands including Bettinardi, Edel and Mannkrafted.

The video ends with the advice to pick a new putter with your “heart”, though we might just add that’s as long as your wallet … and the rest of the family agree.


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