Shock, horror: “Old” people excluded from naked mini golf event

By Brian O’Hare

WE’RE not quite sure what to make of this story about an upcoming nude mini golf event being staged in Sydney.

There’s an article at about the happening and it begins with the sentence “THINK of nudists and you might conjure an image of jiggly, leathery old folks playing volleyball.”

Now there might be something wrong with my 64 year, 1 month, 1 week and 1 day old brain, but I’m sure if it was to think of “nudists” it wouldn’t conjure images of jiggly, leathery old people playing volleyball. Or jiggly, leathery old people playing any type of sport.

It’s probably a very traditional brain and, if I did let it think of nudists, would think of some very photogenic people plunging into the water at a beach.

That’s mostly what has done to illustrate its story with a much younger group of nudists frolicking at what appears to be Lady Bay Beach in Sydney Harbour (We’ll give a link below but be warned the photos and video have pixilated sections where the white bits should be!).

As a bit of a confession, I realise now I still have a little residual trauma involving nude people and Lady Bay Beach lurking in my 64 year plus brain.

As a young reporter at the Sydney Daily Telegraph in the mid 70’s (when it was more like a newspaper) I recall there was lots of controversy about Sydney’s then illegal nude beaches.

Police kept arresting people at the popular nude beaches until 1976 when then Premier Neville Wran ended all the fiasco by legalising them.

But before that one sunny summer Sunday afternoon I was directed to go to Lady Bay – with a photographer – and ask the nudists what they thought of all the arrests and controversy.

There was no easy access then and you had to climb down a big wooden ladder to get to the beach. So can you imagine it’s a hot summer Sunday and you have a photographer in tow and you have to climb down a ladder in front of hundreds of nudists – and you’re wearing a suit.

Many of the assembled nudists weren’t impressed by the fully clothed interlopers – until we explained we just wanted to talk to them … and put their photo in the paper.

Now, with much more experience under the belt, I would know how to do the whole thing much, much better.

I’d climb down the ladder, turn around, plant the patent leather shoes firmly in the sand, and say:

“Anyone want to play mini golf?”

To give the organisers of the upcoming nude mini golf event their due, they are called the “Young Nudists of Australia” and restrict their group to 18 to 40 year olds.

Age is always comparative, when you’re 20 someone who is 40 is “old”, while if you are 65 you’re probably not going to think a 41 year old would be a bit too leathery and past their prime.

Here at Australian Senior Golfer we are very inclusive and just aim to inspire more people to get out and play more golf. Whether newbies start off playing mini golf (naked or not) , FootGolf or whatever, some of them may go on to play and love the full game.

Just a warning though, while many golf clubs have relaxed what once were strict dress codes, most due require just a bit of body covering.

And we happen to hear of any nude golfing events for over 45’s coming up we’ll certainly let you know.

The Nude Mini Golf day will be held in Campbelltown on October 15 (They’re going for a world record?? but as we mentioned you have to be an unwrinkled under 40) Details on the YNOA FaceBook page

The News Limited story is here

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