Not going well in your Club Championship? Try this!

WE can all get just a tiny bit frustrated with the great game of golf at times but for some, every now and again it all becomes just too much.

Retired NFL player and now avid golfer Josh Scobee this week shared this video of a fellow golfer absolutely losing it during his club championship.

The club golfer calmly walks over to a water hazard with a half dozen or more clubs in his hand and with a nice free flowing movement tosses them all in the drink.

Scobee says the golfer “had enough”, but as has been pointed out by commenters the guy doesn’t throw his bag in the water (“it wasn’t the bag’s fault after all”) and maybe he’ll be back for more fun and enjoyment on the fairways.

Maybe the golfer had just had enough of trying to work with those particular clubs (brand unknown and no equipment manufacturer seems to be claiming them) and has a garage full of other options at home.

Or maybe it is off to the darts or bowls….

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