Joy ends her 71 year golfing career but 95 year old husband John will keep teeing it up

PERTH golfer Joy Palmer has just ended an amazing 71 year golfing career but reckons she’ll still be cheering on her husband and golfing friends from the sidelines.

Joy and her husband John, who are both 95, have been hitting the fairways together since they met at Kojonup Golf Club in south western Western Australia in 1946.

The couple, who will celebrate their 70th anniversary this year, moved to Perth in 1974 and joined Melville Glades Golf Club.

In 2001, Joy joined Embleton Golf Club, not far from the Perth CBD, while John joined in 2003.

They’ve since won three club championships between them but Joy started experiencing vision problems ten years ago.

She was subsequently diagnosed with macular degeneration and suddenly lost her central vision a couple of weeks back.

“[The gradual vision loss] was hard on the players I played with and they were all wonderful in the way they looked after me and told me where my ball was,” Joy told her local paper, the Eastern Reporter.

“I was not a bad putter and I was not a long hitter and that was (throughout) all my golfing career.

“I am going to miss playing but it is hard to say because I am still going to see the girls and if I was a little bit younger, I’d walk around while some of them are playing.”

Husband John told the paper he would continue to play golf because Joy wanted him to keep on pushing on.

Embleton member Rae O’Mara said the couple were the “backbone of the club”.

“Both of them love their golf and they are great people; I even call Joy ‘mother’ sometimes,” she said.

“We miss her already because she isn’t on the course.”

Photo: Embleton Golf Course members Joy and John Palmer. Photo: Eastern Reporter (Andrew Ritchie,


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