Bushnell Golf releases its latest innovative rangefinders: Pro XS and Tour V4

LEADING golf rangefinder maker Bushnell Golf has recently released its latest innovative laser rangefinders, the top of the range Pro XS and the TOUR V4.


Bushnell Pro X2


Bushell, which claims to be the #1 trusted laser rangefinder on the PGA Tour, says the Pro X2 is the ultimate unit for the avid golfer.

It features Bushnell’s SlopeSwitch Technology that allows golfers to easily toggle in and out of the patented slope mode.

The new function allows the golfer to utilize Slope to get compensated incline/decine distances on holes when needed and have a USGA conforming device for tournament play. 

“The Pro X2 provides golfers with the best of both worlds with a 2-in-1 Laser Rangefinder. Slope-Switch Technology makes it extremely easy to get compensated distances with a flick of a switch,” said Paul McLean, Bushnell Golf Business Manager. “The introduction of the Pro X2 demonstrates our passion to provide Tour players and elite amateur players with the most precise distance measuring devices on the market.” 

The Pro X2 has rubber armored metal housing that makes the device fully IPX7 waterproof, incredible range capabilities of up to 1,300 yards (450+ yards to a flag), 2nd Generation E.S.P. (Extreme. Speed. Precision.) and PinSeeker with JOLT Technology.  Dual Display Technology allows users to easily toggle between the bright red display featuring VDT (Vivid Display Technology) or the crisp black display.

The JOLT Technology provides short, vibrating bursts to let golfers know when the unit has isolated the target and locked onto the flag. The vibrating bursts leave golfers in no doubt they have the exact distance to the flag. 

Pro X2 Key Features

• Slope-Switch Technology

• Rubber Armored Metal Housing

• IPX& Fully Waterproof

• Duel Display Technology

• PinSeeker W/ Jolt Technology

• Accurate to ½ yard

• 6X Magnification

• Ranges 5-1,300 yards; 450+ to a Flag

• 2nd Generation E.S.P.

• Fast Focus System

• Stable-Grip Technology

The Pro X2 is now available at Bushnell retailer’s nationwide. Retail price for the Pro X2 is $629.


Bushnell Tour V4


Bushnell says the Tour V4 Shift delivers the perfect combination of size, speed, accuracy, Slope and Jolt.

 The Tour V4 Shift is faster than the Tour V3, 30 percent smaller and more ergonomically designed to increase the ease and accuracy in acquiring yardages. As with the Pro X2, the introduction of Slope-Switch Technology allows the golfer to conveniently toggle between Slope mode for compensated distances and non-slope mode for legal use during tournament play.

“The compensated distances from our patented Slope technology are trusted by PGA Tour Professionals and playing pros around the world,” said Paul McLean, Bushnell Golf Business Manager. “Amateurs can now have these same compensated distances, while having a Laser Rangefinder is that conforms to the rules of golf legal. By disabling slope during tournament play and for posting handicap rounds, the Tour V4 Shift conforms to USGA rules.”

Bushnell Tour V4 Shift Key Features

• PinSeeker with JOLT Technology to confirm the laser has zeroed in on the flag

• Accurate to within one yard

• Five to 1,000-yard range performance (400 yards to a flag)

• 5x magnification (objects appear 5x closer)

• Ergonomic design with Stabigrip

• Fast Focus System

• Rain proof

• New premium carry case and three-volt battery included

• Industry-leading two-year warranty

The Tour V4 and Tour V4 Shift now available at Bushnell retailer’s nationwide. The retail price for the Tour V4 Shift is $529.

More info at Bushnell Golf

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