99 year old golfer gets his first hole in one

A 99 year old golfer has proven it’s never too late to make your first hole in one, acing the 16th at his local club.

Golfer C. D. Madsen has been playing the Marin Country Club in northern California for almost 60 years and recently already had a great round going when he stepped up to the 108 yard par-3 with his trusty six iron.

Madsen, who usually plays the course once a week, didn’t let his first ever ace rupture his cool.

He went on to score an 85 – just 14 over par – and beat his age by 14.

There’s not many sports where a guy just short of a 100 can have  a perfect result like that.

Madsen, of course, is now working on his second ace.

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