At least this gator actually addresses the golf ball

HERE at ASG we were seriously considering instituting a new policy of not showing any more “alligator on the course course” videos unless the gator in question actually did something golflike such picking up a club and playing a hole.

Since our golfing trip to Darwin for the 2015 National Veteran Golfers Championship we’re quite fond of crocodiles and the like, though I’m pretty sure the feelings are not really reciprocated.

This alligator at the Long Marsh Golf Club in Rotonda West in Florida has snuck under our defences somewhat. It has not actually made a legal stroke, but at least it has addressed the golf ball and taken sufficient interest in snaffling it and taking it back to it’s no doubt considerable stash. 

At my home club at Jamberoo, we only ever have crows stealing balls to deal with – and perhaps the odd Saturday afternoon social golfer.


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