We finally get to see Ellerston Golf Course: Video Flyover

ELLERSTON GOLF COURSE has long been an enigma on the Australian golfing scene, consistently rated in the top 10 of the country’s courses but rarely seen by the average punter.

Ellerston, at Scone in country NSW, is owned by the Packer Family and usually lives up to its hyper exclusive reputation.

To get a game you have to be invited by the Packer Family, or maybe if you’re not that well socially connected, wait for a rare charity auction and fork out something like $30,000 for the privilege.

Now we have this extended drone flyover footage, which at the outset shows the loving care lavished on this spectacular course.

The course was designed by Greg Norman and Bob Harrison and is regarded as one of the world’s best conditioned tracks – as well as recently rating in the world op 30.

“At Ellerston we were able to create a course that a golfer of my calibre would love to play every day for the rest of his life,” Norman has said.

The rest of us can just watch …. and wish.

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