#MyGolf: Jason Day casts an eye over 5 year old golfer Isaac and likes what he sees

ONE of the great things about golf is that it is a game for all ages. Whilst most of ASG’s readers are enjoying the latter part of their golfing careers, they can still revel in the exploits of those just starting out.

With the benefit of the handicap system different generations of the one family or social grouping can even play competitive rounds together and have a great time.

And as all parents and grandparents come to know, sooner or later that cute toddler with the promising golf swing will be hitting it past them on the fairways.

Such will no doubt be the case for five year old Isaac, one of the unique characters being presented in the latest promotion for the MyGolf program, which aims to increase junior participation in the sport.

Isaac already hits the ball 115 metres, reckons his favourite shots are out of bunkers, and starred in the video below that inspired the following twitter response from Jason Day, who is an ambassador for the program.

21h21 hours ago

Hey Isaac! Dream big, practice hard but mostly have fun! Look forward to seeing you on in future. Aussie kids – get into !




MyGolf is Australia’s national junior introductory program to develop and promote participation in golf. A 10 week introductory program to the sport, the MyGolf program is designed for 5 to 12 year olds and is the major driver of junior golf participation in Australia.

Through the MyGolf program, we aim to increase participation and engagement in golf by children, and provide a fun, accessible and satisfying introduction to the sport of golf by promoting skills development, as well as the social and fun aspects of the sport, to the wider community.

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