“Exclusive” footage of Santa’s North Pole Invitational Golf Tournament


WE’VE long heard rumours about Santa’s fabled North Pole Invitational Golf Tournament but we’ve never seen any actual footage before.

Santa apparently runs the annual event as a special way of helping celebrate the festive season and also as a thank you to those who have helped him and others throughout the year.

Legend has it that it is notoriously hard to get a start in the tournament, you not only have to be a renowned golf fanatic (Santa is not the sort of person to waste a tee time on the unwilling) but you have to have been a good boy or girl for the entire year.

That last bit rules most of us out straight away, and of course also excludes most professional golfers (yes Bubba Watson, every year you are one of the first to be scratched off the list).

Once you do get a start, the problems aren’t over. Santa’s North Pole course can be intimidating for the uninitiated and presents some unique challenges.

For instance, Santa has some quite controversial opinions on the interaction of reindeer poo and the Rules of Golf.

And take our video of the participant below. Probably primed with some of Santa’s special beverages, they’ve attempted this shot from a frozen water hazard and hit about a foot behind the ball.

Then they’ve probably said one of the very words that’s going to get them excluded from the comp next year.



One thing we can agree with Santa on, and that’s wishing everyone a great festive season and a happy new year.

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