Caddie says Norman was as good as Woods

Leading caddie Steve Williams has revealed some fascinating insights into his current boss Tiger Woods compared to former boss and friend Greg Norman.

In an interview with Peter Stone, published on, Williams says Norman was as good a player as Woods and could have been equal to the best of what Tiger has done. But his fatal flaw was in dwelling on bad shots and not being able to get over them. Tiger, on the other hand he says, explodes but then “plays a miraculous shot straight afterwards”.

“I certainly wouldn’t have got to where I am today without caddying for Greg, because I learned an awful lot,” Williams told Stone. “Greg had a great understanding of the mechanics of the golf swing. He didn’t require a lot of coaching, and it was great working with him. But Greg had his faults. His greatest weakness was his inability to shake off a bad shot, or something he didn’t like. He just couldn’t get over it.”

Woods lets his fury hang out and erupts and it is said he is the most fined player on the US PGA Tour for swearing and club abuse. That every shot he plays is scrutinised to the nth degree and televised makes him an easy target for golfing officials.

“The thing a lot of people don’t like about Tiger is his temperament is obviously not ideal, but he has that knack of being able to get over it very quickly,” Williams told the Herald.

“He likes to take the frustration out and get on with the job. Call it controlled aggression. Tiger lets it all hang out, and plays a miraculous shot straight afterwards.

“That was something Greg could never do. He’d dwell on it. That was his downfall. Greg didn’t have the personality type of Tiger. If he did, I think he would have been equal to the best of what Tiger has done. In my eyes, Greg was certainly as good a player as Tiger.”

See the full Peter Stone interview here.

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