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FOR those not ready for something mechanical to help them get their golf bag around the course a new offering from Concourse Golf could be ideal.

The Australian based golfing equipment designer and manufacturer says it has set a new global benchmark with its “next generation” 2016 International Design Award-winning CBM3.

The “CBM” stands for “Compact Bag Mobiliser” – which is probably not much more confusing than more familiar terms such as buggy, cart, trolley or trundler.

You’re never quite sure with things called “buggy”, whether you are going to end up sitting in them or hand pushing them.

The photos and video attached with this article should make it all very clear.

Concourse Golf says the CBM3 delivers a new level of convenience for the walking golfer both on and off the course.

That convenience is all about the ease of getting it in and out of your car boot, the simplicity of setting it up, and how it delivers as a buggy on the course.

Constructed of high-grade diecast aluminium, glass fibre and weighing a little over four kilograms, the company says the CBM3’s ultra compact form requires minimal time and effort to assemble making setup and transportation a snack.

Concourse says the CBM3 has taken three years to develop and is a progression from the already successful award-winning Concourse CBM2 pull model that has been sold in more than 15 countries around the world.

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Concourse Golf Managing Director David MacKay said that introducing the third wheel to their design philosophy was an impressive engineering and design feat.

“Our key focus was to deliver a push buggy with outstanding on-course balance and performance whilst remaining true to our uniquely user-friendly operation and ultra compact form … and we are proud to say we have achieved that,” he said.

“The genius of the Concourse design is its incredibly streamlined frame that folds flat against the golf bag eliminating storage issues. For setup it is supremely efficient and fast with one touch operations. Removing the wheels and storing them in their own bag is great for a clean car boot and fine for placement on even the most fastidious car owner’s leather seats.”

The CBM3 has the ability to be separated from the bag with the flick of a lever.

MacKay said Concourse regularly asks golfers how their golf buggy could be improved and the responses have a consistent theme.

“They want their buggies to be more compact for easier storage, and they don’t want to waste time setting up and packing away when they could be practising before the game or having a drink in the clubhouse after the game,” MacKay said.

“We understand that space is premium – especially with small car boots, car pooling, or for golfers that prefer to permanently leave their golf gear in the car. We also respect that the game of golf takes a long time to play, and setup and pack away time should not be adding to this.

“We’ve dedicated years into designing every component and movement to work perfectly within a certain shape. Carefully selected materials deliver lightweight strength that also looks great. Additionally, we’ve gone to painstaking measures to ensure there is minimal effort required by CBM owners and that it operates as well off-course as it does on-course.                                                                                                                      

“Concourse Golf is making it easier for golfers to have expedient preparations so that they can play more golf.”

The CBM3 is now available online at or in selected retailers at a RRP of $495.00.

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