Les over 100 but still teeing off every Saturday in the local golf comp

Les Dance 100 large
Les Dance (far right) playing in the Saturday comp at Cammeray Golf Club. Photo: Phillip Rogers, Mosman Daily

GETTING to 100 in golf is usually not something to brag about but for Sydney’ Les Dance it is a different matter.

Les as usual played in the regular Saturday competition at his home club at Cammeray Golf Club last Saturday and managed to make the front page of the local paper.

That wasn’t because he had amassed 20 stableford points off his 34 handicap but it was recognition of his first game back since turning 100 in the previous week.

Les was already a celebrity at the Cammeray club, where he has played for more than 50 years.

To help with some vision issues (he’s legally blind) Les plays with fluoro yellow golf ball and has also devised a tee attached to a cord and pompom so he can easily find it.

His son-in-law Derek Halliday-Brown told the Mosman Daily that Les was one of the longest serving members at Cammeray Golf Club.

“Les enjoys playing with his mates and likes to keep on his feet,” he said.

“He’s a very slim, fit gentleman, albeit he’s 100 years old. “He has played golf for many years and won lots of cups and trophies. In his day he was very good.

“But he still beats quite a lot of people; he’s very competitive. The club’s players travel and twice a year they go and play golf for a week.”

Halliday-Brown said Les never played golf without his special tee.

“He’s manufactured his own tee because he can’t see his tee when he hits the ball,” he said.

“So to stop it going flying and losing it, he glued to it a piece of elastic about a foot and a half long.

“On the end of the elastic he’s attached a woollen red pompom. The pompom holds on to the tee and he can see the red colour.

“If the tee flies, it only goes a couple of feet because it’s got this appendage — it’s very novel.”

Halliday-Brown said Les also kept fit at home in Greenwich and was still a keen fisherman.

“There are 100 steps down to the boatshed from the house,” he said. “Les exercises by walking up and down those steps.

“He has a tinny in there and fishes out to Lane Cove River for blackfish, flathead and the like. He’s a keen fisherman and used to play a lot of tennis as well.”

Les is certainly inspiring many of his fellow members at Cammeray.

As one wrote on the club’s Facebook page:

“Les is my hero, what a true Cammeray legend…… Congrats Mr Dance, your record as oldest active member will stand forever.”

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