How to improve your putting and get rid of the dreaded three putts

Golf University Putting 595

WITH the world’s best golfers about to take on the punishing Oakmont Country Club greens for the 2016 US Open it’s a good time to talk about putting – and getting rid of the dreaded three and even four putts.

One thing we really relate to in this putting tip video from Vaughan Somers at the Melbourne Golf Academy is to always putt by rocking the shoulders rather than using the hands.

When our putting starts to go badly awry it is invariable due to slipping back to an old  habit of initiating the putting stroke with the hands. We suddenly remember the need to be aware of rocking the shoulders and leaving the arms and hand basically limp.

In this video, produced by Golf University as part of their regular “Tip from the Pro” series, Somers says most people three putt due to hitting it short or long, rather than left or right.

In the video Somers demonstrates:

A putting drill to measure your accuracy and help you improve

And …

How to hit using the shoulders rather than the hands

Which will ultimately…

Help us improve consistency, accuracy, and distance control with our putter.



For further information on the full Golf University Putting Mastery series click on the image link below.

Golf University Putting Mastery 595

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