5 Top Reasons You Don’t Get Better at Golf


WE always wanted a “Top 5 Reasons You ……blah, blah” story and here it is – from very popular English PGA Professional Mark Crossfield, who runs the AskGolfGuru website.

Crossfield is one of YouTube’s most watched golf coaches and it’s the light hearted banter, as well as the usually very insightful coaching that makes him popular.

I liked this video from reason No.1 – bagging people who “spend 10 years working on their backswing”. 

I personally wish he had pointed that out to me 10 years ago, but now I realise the continued focus on the backswing will do me no good, I can start concentrating on the downswing. One day I hope to get to the bit where you hit the ball.

I don’t want to spoil the fun too much, but reason No.5 is also very pertinent – its all about golfers getting information overload … and watching too many golf videos.

A shout out to AussieGolfer where we first saw this video. And to Peter in the golf shop at Jamberoo Golf Club, who for some time has been pointing out the valuable lessons to be gained from watching  Crossfield’s video analysis of the Paige Spiranac Golf Swing


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