Loudmouth rescuing Autumn 2016 with its latest releases

Loudmouth Autumn 2016

IF the shocking reality that summer has ended is just beginning to dawn on you maybe you can brighten the outlook with the latest releases from Loudmouth Golf.

Loudmouth, the world leader in bold and bright golf and sports fan apparel has announced its 2016 Autumn Collection, boasting that “Vivid Colours and trend-setting patterns are what we do best.”

Loudmouth says there are six new designs in the collection, containing all the best Loudmouth staples.

Loudmouth Golf’s 2016 Autumn Collection is available for both men and women and includes pants, shorts, skorts and hats. In addition to the stocked items, Loudmouth offers Made-to-Order (MTO) clothing, which lets customers customise the waist size and length of their garment to provide the ultimate fit.

“Our 2016 collection has something for everyone…. well, maybe not everyone,” says Loudmouth Founder & Designer, Woody. “From the converted-khaki-wearer to the long-time Loudmouth fan, the sartorial boat is being pushed farther from the dock.”

The new designs include:

 “Pink Champagne” – Our popular Birds of a Feather pattern was perfect for this year’s bold and bright pink design….so pink fans, bottoms up!

“Tatu” – Get “inked” with this Polynesian-influenced design. 

“Midnight Island” – Black & white is always on trend. You don’t have to wear colour to make a statement!

“Pargyle” – Often imitated, never duplicated. Loudmouth was the original creator of the argyle pant. Don’t miss our most colourful one yet!

“Bora Bora” – Bora Bora features the tropical birds of paradise flower. No matter where you are, or what you’re doing this pattern will make you feel like you’re on holidays.

“All Stars” – Think of your favourite pair of faded jeans, hand painted with watercolour stars. 

For more information visit: au.loudmouthgolf.com

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