Jordan Spieth’s shocking transformation

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APART from being the world’s number one golfer Jordan Spieth is also just a 22 year old guy who needs to get out occasionally and have a life.

When he does break out he has a clever strategy to help him blend into a crowd.

He takes his hat off.

“When I take my hat off I’m less recognisable,” the young Texan claimed at his Australian Open preview media conference.

“People normally know you as the Under Armor hat guy. So I can go out and explore,” he continued.

“It really depends on where you are, but especially over here. If  I’m  just  somewhere in  the  city,  I’ve been able to go out and have no issues as far as it being a bother.  You get recognised here or there, someone wants a picture. I certainly embrace that, I think it’s cool that you can be recognised.”

Jordan Spieth's media conference ... same location, just no hat ... I can't really tell the difference
Jordan Spieth’s media conference … same location, just no hat … I can’t really tell the difference

Since winning the Stonehaven Cup last November Spieth hasn’t had such a bad year; five wins including a couple of majors and being handed more than $22 million for his trouble.

Coming back to defending his title was certainly a personal choice.

“I  love  Australia, it’s my  favourite place  I’ve  ever  travelled to to  play  golf. The city of Sydney is just one of the most beautiful cities in the world. The hotel we’re at is fantastic and  really  have  a  great time   this   week.   Great   food,   great   golf course and I’m  very  pleased, it  was  a no brainer coming back.”

Hat or not, he obviously enjoys getting out and exploring.

“[Since first playing on tour as a 16 year old] we’ve had so many great memories, we’ve been able to almost make the days last longer than  they  should by not only playing and practising at certain tournaments but getting to explore the cities and restaurants and getting to do fun things. That’s  what  I  love to do. At  this point  I’m in  a  position  I  don’t  take  for granted,  I  feel  blessed but at  the  same time I can now do what I love to do, which is travel the world and to see some of the coolest cities and restaurants and landmarks that you only read about or see in movies or whatever.”

Spieth tees off Thursday morning at 7.05 alongside Lee Westwood and Geoff Ogilvy.

Jordan Spieth_Shane Warne 1
In the Wednesday Pro_Am Shane Warne obviously had a cunning plan to get Jordan Spieth to carry a 15th club in his bag
Spieth didn't look too convinced
Spieth didn’t look too convinced

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