Loudmouth it into Spring



Loudmouth’s men’s “Freeport” shorts and “Bandanas” women’s mini-shorts
Loudmouth’s men’s “Freeport” shorts and “Bandanas” women’s mini-shorts

SPRING has sprung … and so has Loudmouth with the latest releases in their always inspiring colourful golfing attire.

Loudmouth reckon you can wear their new designs “from the office to the tee-box, and everywhere in between” and if you did that you’d certainly be noticed.

The company describe the new releases as:

“Freeport” – Every year we like to come out with a plaid using a non-traditional colourway. This year we used our sea foam green color (Cockatoo) found in the tropical waters off the Bahamian coast of Freeport.

“Bandanas” – From the urban streets of New York, to a country music  festival, to a biker bar, Bandanas will make you want to giddy up or ride (and golf!).

“These two designs are classic American patterns in great transitional colours to take us from Winter to Spring,” says Loudmouth Founder & Designer, Woody. “Freeport will appeal to people that like the golf design staple, ‘plaid,’ albeit with an outsized look. People that are a little more rebellious will love Bandanas!”

Freeport and Bandanas are available for both men and women in pants, shorts, skorts, capris and mini-shorts. In addition to stocked sizes,

Loudmouth offers Made-to-Order (MTO) clothes, which lets customers

customize the waist size and length of their garment to provide the ultimate fit.

Janelle Speight, General Manager of Loudmouth Golf Australia, says stock of the new designs are now available locally.

Janelle suggests wearing “FreePort”  with their Blue Depths, Cockatoo and Stark White Essential Shirts; and teaming “Bandanas” with their Fiery Red or Jet Black Essential Shirts.

Men’s Pants Retail @ RRP AU$125.00, Men’s Shorts AU$99.50. Women’s Skorts and Shorts are AU$99.50.

For more info visit Loudmouth Australia at www.loudmouthgolf.com.au


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