Loudmouth Golf’s 2015 winter of colour

Loundmouth winter 2015

WITH winter chills now attacking many of us it could be the perfect time to brighten up the outlook … and right on cue Loudmouth Golf has come up with a sizzling new collection of winter patterns.

Loudmouth Golf is a world leader in bold and bright golf and lifestyle apparel and their Winter 2015 Collection features a fun line up of exciting new patterns.

They say they’ve covered all the “essential” categories – Tropical, novelty, embroidered, throwback and the always popular, pin-up girl pattern. Perfect for a round of golf with the guys (and girls!), a backyard BBQ or a holiday getaway.

Loudmouth reckons the new patterns are a must-have ingredient for making memories and include (in the company’s vivid wordage):

“Hans & Fronds” – A departure from the signature bright Loudmouth colour pallet, this teal and white palm pattern evokes classic Palm Beach parties.

“Stag Party” – When it’s up to you that everyone has a good time, the BUCK STOPS HERE. Grab your buddies, put on a pair of these and go “dear” hunting.

“Drop Cloth” – Our customers have been begging us to bring these back. Grab this splattered print while you can!

“Peal Divers” – Our pin-up mermaids dove under water to create a whole new kind of water hazard! Wink. Wink.

“Rubber Duckies” – When Loudmouth embroiders, we pick something fun! Rubber Duckie you’re the one… squeak! squeak!

“I designed this collection because our customers want to feel like they’re at a party 365 days a year,” says Loudmouth Founder and Designer, Woody. “When you wear Loudmouth, even WORK feels like a party!”

Loudmouth’s Winter 2015 Collection is available for both men and women and includes pants, shorts, skorts, capris and hats. In addition to the stocked items, Loudmouth offers Made-to-Order (MTO) clothing, which lets customers customize the waist size and length of their garment to provide the ultimate fit.

For more information visit: au.loudmouthgolf.com.


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