Monday, December 9, 2019
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The 7 deadly sins of warming up

By Ramsay McMaster, Golf Physiotherapist. Seven bad habits that can destroy your round. Number one is starting the day by rushing to the course. The tension and anxiety created can not only disrupt your golf rhythm but can lead to common injuries.

Your 5 minute golf warm-up

Your dodgy knee mightn’t make the headlines but this quick routine developed by physiotherapist Ramsey McMaster is designed to build up “feel” in your swing– and may also help prevent injury. ## New video added

Ramsay McMaster Golf Fitness

Australian Senior Golfer is teaming with Ramsay McMaster, a leading authority on golf and the body, to publish a series of articles on golf fitness, particularly relating to older golfers. Ramsay, founder of the Melbourne Golf Injury Clinic, is a golf physiotherapist who has worked with countless average golfers, with top tour pros and coaches and with PGA's around the world.