Tuesday, June 27, 2017
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The sheer “Naked Terror” that is the US Open

BY LARRY CANNING. IT'S akin to racing in the Dakar Rally…on a moped… naked. Or facing my mother in law after sleeping with her daughter… naked.

Larry Canning: That was one weird Masters

I DON'T know about you, but as far as Masters’ tournaments go, I reckon that’s about as weird as it gets.

The US Masters … Azaleas, Green Jackets, Butler Cabins … all...

Larry Canning muses on one of golf's great events: My goodness readers! Is it US Masters time already?

Golf is hard enough…. without the terrible clichés

By Larry Canning. I WAS having a “Nine hole- lose a keno ticket” game at Highlands Golf Course with Brooksy recently when out of the blue, he came out with one of the oldest and worst golfing cliché’s ever created.

Larry Canning: What I’ve learned this week at the Women’s Australian...

Larry Canning says he leant a lot hanging out at the 2016 Women’s Australian Open in Adelaide. And even found a new muscle!

Larry’s starry-eyed golfing predictions for 2016

LARRY CANNING has taken out his golfing crystal balls (he has been warned about that) and come up with his predictions for the world of golf in 2016.

The 2015 “Larry” Awards – Golf’s most prestigious annual gongs

A year just wouldn’t be a year without the awarding of the highly prestigious “Larry” Awards. LARRY CANNING keeps the closest eye possible on golf happenings throughout the known universe and delivers his verdicts. The big question is: Jason Day won just about every other award in 2015 … but can he possibly win a “Larry”?

Dear golfing Santa, Larry has just a few requests

Larry Canning and Santa go back quite a long way. Here’s Larry's Christmas wish-list

So excited by the world’s best golfers you need medical help?...

By Larry Canning. I’M a little embarrassed to admit that this time of the year, when the Aussie summer golf season is in full swing, I still get filled with a sense of childish anticipation at the thought of standing within metres of the best golfers on the planet.

Larry Canning casts a (sometimes) loving eye over the 2015 Presidents...

FOR 24 of the world’s best golfers making the American or Internationals teams for the 2015 Presidents Cup in South Korea was the easy part. Now they have to pass Larry Canning’s expert scrutiny.

Spare a thought for the poor old golf pros … no,...

By Larry Canning. I KNOW there are some really good blokes who travel the world in their own Learjets, win zillions and then return to their home in the Bahamas … but I’m not one of them.

Day and Spieth reigniting passion for the great game of golf

By Larry Canning. THIS probably won’t come to anything resembling a surprise to those who know me, but there are times when I might treat my beautiful set of golf clubs with something less than loving adoration.