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Australian golf officially adopts new World Golf Handicap system

AUSTRALIAN golf authorities have officially adopted the new World Golf Handicap system in a move that will mean some imminent changes for Australian golfers and clubs.

Single World Golf Handicap System in the works

RECENT announcements by the R&A and USGA have highlighted that work is well underway for the development of a single World Handicap System that would see golf handicaps transportable across the globe.

Worldwide Golf Handicapping System on the cards

ALL those still coming to terms with Australia’s recent major golf handicapping changes might be taken aback somewhat with the news Golf Australia has just foreshadowed a new worldwide golf handicapping system could be introduced “within the next few years”.

New Golf Handicap System Introduced January 2014

THE changeover to the complete new Australian Golf Handicap system is currently underway and will come into force on Thursday 23rd January 2014.

New Golf Handicap Anchor Change for May 2013

THE latest change to the Australian golf handicap system has been announced with a tweaking of the anchoring system. Golf Australia says the anchor will...

Australian golf handicap overhaul to include a daily course rating system

GOLF AUSTRALIA’S latest advice on the Australian handicap system overhaul includes the welcome addition of a new daily course rating system. The new Daily Scratch...

Handicap changes on September 21

THE latest round of Golf Australia handicap changes will come into effect on Wednesday 21st September 2011. The four priority amendments are basically aimed at...

Australian handicap system is now best 8 of 20 rounds

GOLF AUSTRALIA has announced the latest changes to the new Australian golf handicapping system. Most prominently, the “best 10 of 20” system will be changed...

More changes to Australian Handicap System

GOLF AUSTRALIA has today foreshadowed impending changes to the new Australian Handicap System. This will include an adjustment to the best 10 of 20 rounds...

New Australian handicap system under review

THE controversial new Australian handicapping system is set for further refinement with a representative from the US Golf Association in Australia this week looking...

Average handicaps rise under new system

JUST released figures show the average male and female handicaps in Australia have risen since the introduction of the new golf handicapping system on...

Effect of new golf handicap system to be revealed

GOLF AUSTRALIA will next week (Thursday 15 July 2010) release statistics that will show the effect the new Australian golf handicapping system has had...