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Nick Price Swing Analysis

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n2LmameLtN8&hl=en_US&fs=1&rel=0&w=285&h=234]

Golf swing plane simply explained

MANY people will be aware of Ben Hogan’s classic “pane of glass” golf swing plane image. On the printed page it is not always easy...

Common senior golf swing flaws

A COMMON swing flaw with senior golfers is that they tend to set up crouching too close to the ball, according to Bruce Green;...

Fred Couples swing analysis

WITH Fred Couples ripping up the Champions Tour and proving how good the form was by leading the US Masters after the first round...

A perfect swing for older inflexible golfers?

Jeffrey Mann over at the Perfect Golf Swing Review website has published a new “review paper” that he believes may be of particular interest...

Golf Swing – Impact and Follow Through

IN the final part of our golf swing fundamental series, Bobby Eldridge of PurePoint Golf explains the moment of truth – when the head of the bat hits the ball. Eldridge says 95 percent of the final part of the swing is getting the club in the right position at the top of the backswing. From there it is just one fluid motion to release and golfing glory, or at least your best chance of hitting a solid golf shot.

The Downswing

BRINGING the clubhead to the back of the ball is the critical moment in golf. In Part 6 of our Full Golf Swing Fundamentals series, Bobby Eldridge, Head Teaching Professional at PurePoint Golf, says it is the point of no return. As the right arm begins to unfold and the left hip moves one or two inches towards the target before it begins to turn out of the way, the downswing is in full swing mode. In other words, he says, the game is on. There’s no holding back, no stopping and no bailing out. There are some very important moves that have to take place here for a solid shot with maximum clubhead speed.

The First Move Down

In Part 5 of our Full Golf Swing Fundamendals series Bobby Eldridge, Head Teaching Professional at PurePoint Golf, says the secret to the golf swing is the first move down from the top of the backswing. Eldridge says the important factor in generating clubhead spead is not in how fast you can pull the grip end of the golf club down, but in generating width with the right arm on its journey back to the golf ball.

The Top of the Backswing

Part Four of our series on Full Golf Swing Fundamentals focuses on the all important move to the top of the backswing. As the golf club leaves the 9:00 position, it has to continue on the arc until you reach the top of the backswing. There are a number of moving parts that must be in place during this journey. First and foremost the right shoulder must continue to turn.

The Grip

When you pick up a golf club your hands are the only part of your body that touch the club. For many years the hands (grip) have often been referred to as the steering wheel of the golf swing. Bobby Eldridge, Head Teaching Professional at PurePoint Golf, believes this could not be more true. Gripping the golf club correctly, he says, makes playing this game a much better experience. Part of the ongoing Golf Swing Fundamentals Series.

The golf swing – in every minute, gory detail

If it is possible to focus too much on the modern golf swing then maybe Jeff Mann has done it. Jeff is a retired doctor who has built an amazing resource at his website, Perfect Golf Swing. As Jeff happily admits, his analysis of the golf swing is so detailed it is not for everyone. But for those who are interested, it is fascinating stuff

Perfect your backswing with the one piece take away

What is the key to starting the golf swing back in the take away? Head Teaching Professional Bobby Eldridge of PurePoint Golf says one of the top five most asked questions in the past 25 years has been, “What starts the backswing?” Here, in the first of a series of articles on the full golf swing, Eldridge graphically answers that question. The answer, he says, is that the clubhead, shaft, your hands, arms and right shoulder move in ONE PIECE at the exact same time.