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Traditional golf buggies – all you need is a little push

GOLFERS not currently interested in having mechanised assistance in getting their gear around the courses might find this range of must-have trusty and traditional push buggies perfect for their needs.

New MGI Tri Series motorised golf buggies

MGI has introduced their new MGI Tri Series range of motorised buggies, the MGI Terrain Tri Brake and MGI Ryder Tri Compact.

Best Golf Irons of 2015: Video

SEARCHING for a new set of golf irons? There’s such a plethora of brands and models out there it can be a daunting task.

MGI introduces a “new age of motorised golf buggies” with new...

LONG-TIME motorised golf buggy brand MGI has introduced a new very slick looking range of four wheel motorised golf buggies with lots of impressive features.

Golf improvement irons for older golfers

Self-confessed older golfer LARRY CANNING looks at some of the latest golf improvement irons now available, including Titliest, Ping, TaylorMade and Callaway.

Find those lost golf balls

DO YOU lose at least one Titleist Pro-V golf ball a week? Every week of the year? You must say bugger a lot. If you do, then maybe you will be interested in revolutionary new technology that will help you find many of those wayward balls. But not the ones lost at the bottom of creeks or dams. You just need plain old scuba gear for that. It's not just the cost or the frustration of looking for balls, it's adding all the penalty strokes as well.

Callaway Golf FT-iQ Driver

Having a mid or later life crisis and can’t afford a new sports car. Perhaps Callaway’s new FT-iQ Driver will fit the bill. Among all the usual technical babble and sales hyperbole – we’re talking about the “New dawn” of the “World’s Smartest Driver” here – Callaway claims the club was styled on the Lamborghini Reventon sports car. As well as the odd stealth jet.

Callaway i-brid irons

Callaway Golf says its new FT i-brid iron set can help change your game and is the latest in a long legacy of innovation aimed at helping to make the game a little easier. The sets include three i-brids as well as new "game improving" mid and short irons.

Golf club clone wars

Thinking about a new set of golf clubs? What is most important to you? Is it quality, performance, price? Or is the brand name on the back of the club one of the most important factors? Here is one side of the story and an opportunity to have your say.

New Titleist DT Balls

Titleist says it went to lots of trouble to research its new range of DT Carry and DT Roll golf balls with "average golfers"