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Senior Amateur Golfing Wrap: August 2017

Denis Dale wraps up all the latest on the elite senior amateur golfing scene around the country, including the great victory by Australia over New Zealand in the Sanctuary Cove Trophy, the 2017 Queensland Senior Amateur Championship, and details of upcoming events.

Steve Toyne wins 2017 Australian Senior Matchplay Championship: Senior Amateur July...

By Denis Dale. Steve Toyne has won his share of golf events across three continents, but he’s never had a more moving experience on the golf course.

Aussie senior golfers finally beat Kiwis after five straight losses in...

Since 2007 elite senior amateur golfers from Australia and New Zealand have faced off annually for the hard fought Sanctuary Cove Trophy, with the venues rotating between the two countries. This year the Aussie team was up against it and facing their sixth straight loss. The Kiwis had won seven of the previous ten encounters. Denis Dale reports from this year’s venue, the Sanctuary Cove Golf Club on the Gold Coast.

Senior Amateur Golfing Wrap: June 2017

Denis Dale reports on the latest news on the senior amateur golfing scene including recent Australian Senior Ranking System events the NSW Senior Classic and the Northern Territory Senior Championship.

Senior Amateur Golfing Wrap: May 2017

Denis Dale reports on the latest news on the senior amateur golfing scene.

Senior Amateur Golfing Wrap: April 2017

Denis Dale wraps up the national senior amateur golfing scene, with four big recent national events producing four different winners.

18 Holes with top senior amateur golfer Gordon Claney

In this illuminating Q&A, Denis Dale talks to Victoria’s Gordon Claney, one of the top senior amateur golfers currently in Australia.

Senior Amateur Golfing Wrap: March 2017

DENIS DALE wraps up all the latest action on the senior amateur golfing scene, including the recent New Zealand Amateur Championship where the locals proved too good for a strong Aussie contingent.

State Senior Golfers Enjoying A Great 2017

DENIS DALE last month highlighted the national level senior amateur golf events at play in 2017 and now rounds up some of the fantastic opportunities available at a state level.

2017 Australian Senior Amateur Golf: How, When and Where to Play

DENIS DALE lays out the fantastic opportunities available in 2017 for senior amateur golfers in Australia. What’s on, when, where, and how you can get involved, even if you are not a low marker.

Greg Rhodes back to back as Australia’s top senior amateur golfer

VICTORIA’S Greg Rhodes continued to dominate Australian senior amateur golf in 2016, topping the national rankings for the second year running. DENIS DALE wraps up all the senior amateur action for the year, including all the state order of merit winners.

Australia’s Senior Asia Pacific Team Announced: October Senior Amateur Roundup

Denis Dale’s monthly roundup of all the senior amateur golfing action from around Australia