Wednesday, April 14, 2021


IT just isn’t fair! Every Christmas it seems Santa is more than willing to step up to the plate and offer some yuletide golfing advice but when we try and approach the Easter Bunny for a few morsels of golf swing wisdom he just doesn’t give a shit... chocolate or otherwise. After much hand wringing we decided there was just one logical solution to our dilemma - we need something from the Irish. And on queue comes three time major winner Paddy Harrington with the very latest on why you should be flipping the wrists.
A record number of 64 Clubs and over 800 players will contest the right to become the 2021 NSW Super Senior Champion Club in what is expected to be a bumper year.
Story and Photo Gallery by Noel Rowsell. Gerringong Golf Club is hosting the 'Sam Matters Cup' and 'Sam Matters Plate' events on 23rd April, to help raise awareness and the prevention of suicide.

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Australian Senior Amateur Golfing Wrap: February 2021

Darryl Hearsch wraps up the the latest Australian senior amateur golfing news from around the country, including a hard fought battle for the 2021 Tasmanian Senior Amateur title.

A wonderful video about a 95 year old man playing his very last round of golf

AFTER 52 years as a member of The Grange Golf Club in Adelaide local man Kevin Kerin realised it was time to give up golf. Filmmaker Stuart Kerr was there to document the bittersweet final afternoon of golf for the 95 year old as he gave his lifelong perspective on golf, and how he was drawing the relationship to a close. The short film has clearly touched many golfers; with one YouTube viewer commenting: "Just realized that I am more overwhelmed by the idea of my final round than I am of dying."

“DO NOT TURN YOUR SHOULDERS” Golf Swing Video: What the….???

UK PGA 'Advanced Professional' Steve Johnston admits that being told not to turn your shoulders in the golf swing is not something you hear very often. Johnson readily suspects that golfers everywhere might think he has lost the plot... and you can't explain it all away by the fact that he is Scottish (Aren't they supposed to know how to do it?).There might be a bit of semantics involved here, but Johnson delivers a very effective message of what should really be powering rotation in the swing.

63 year old golfing legend Gene Sarazen’s ‘secret’ to keeping his swing ‘young and healthy’

WE loved this recent rediscovery of some well-aged advice from golfing great Gene Sarazen on ‘What makes a good senior golfer?’ Back in 1965 the seven time major winner and then 63 year old penned a two page article for GOLF Magazine explaining how he managed to continue to play so well.  “I will let you in on a small secret,” Sarazen revealed.

Australia’s Top 100 Public Access Golf Courses: 2021 Ranking

AUSTRALIA’S golfers are blessed that the vast majority of the country’s 1,500-plus golf courses welcome non-member visitors. Golf Australia magazine recently announced its biennial ranking of the best of the best Public Access Courses.

Larry and Lappy: Golfing buddies to the very last byte

By Larry Canning. I’ve just had one of those sad experiences where I was left on a barstool, having a schooner all by myself. I tried to look like I was busy on my phone and totally not there for the customary “afternoon beer with a mate at the local”.


Margie Masters is known as a pioneer of Australian women’s professional golf but there’s a lot more to her than just that. She speaks about her life in golf to KAREN HARDING.

Virtual women’s pennant comp a real game changer

THE Goulburn Murray Golf Association (GMGA) has come up with an already award-winning “Women’s Virtual Pennant” concept designed to circumvent the pandemic and allow...

Entries open for the 2021 NSW Veteran Matchplay Championship at Port Stephens

THE NSW Veteran Golfers Association MATCHPLAY CHAMPIONSHIPS will be played from Monday 31 May to Friday 4 June 2021 at Nelson Bay, Pacific Dunes and Horizons golf clubs in what is again expected to be a great week of fun competitive golf.

2021 Australian Senior Amateur Golf: How, When and Where to Play

Top senior amateur golfer Darryl Hearsch wraps up the latest events on the Australian senior amateur circuit and lays out all the opportunities available for senior golfers on what will hopefully be a much more positive year

Ben Hogan’s Magic Elbow – The Best Golf Ball Striking Tip You Need to Know

THIS American golf instructor appears too young to be channelling the late, great Ben Hogan, but he is certainly dressed for the part... maybe a bit too much so. Still, you can't dismiss the Hogan golf swing wisdom, in this case examining the "magic of the trail elbow" and how its correct positioning can be one of the best ball striking moves.

The Best Golf Drivers 2020/2021; Easiest To Hit Golf Drivers

IT'S a brand new year and a not so young person's mind often turns wistfully to thoughts of smashing a poor, unsuspecting golf ball way down the centre of a bright green golf fairway with their shiny new golf driver. Way Down!