Monday, September 28, 2020


PGA of Australia Life Member and much-loved Killara Golf Club PGA Professional David Mercer passed away peacefully on Saturday 12 September 2020 aged 89.
THE Australian PGA Championship has been officially postponed to the new year and with the continuing uncertainty of the Covid-19 pandemic still in play has been pencilled in for 18-21 February 2021. With a raft of strict control measures in place across most Australian states, the difficult decision to reschedule the tournament was made in hope restrictions will ease by the nominated date.
OLDER golfers might dream of emulating the driving power of a FedEx Cup winning Dustin Johnson but out on the course mere positive thoughts are usually not enough to convince the ageing body to cooperate. So as a senior golfer how do you hit your driver further without breaking the body? In this new golf instruction video top golf teacher Danny Maude enlists the aid of the guys at @@Meandmygolf to provide three effortless power moves that could help you hit your driver further without the need of the body of a Tour Championship winner.

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What do top golfers do that most amateurs don’t? Golf instruction video

WHAT do top pro golfers do in the downswing that 80 percent of amateurs stuff up? According to this new golf instruction video from top teacher Danny Maude one of the crucial factors to an effortless golf swing is what the pro's have in common when they start the downswing. Maude reveals two crucial elements in the downswing and gives a "super simple" golf drill that he says will help you feel exactly what to do to initiate the move correctly. He says the drill will help you FEEL how to generate some serious clubbed speed while at the same time swing the club on the right line for straighter drivers and straighter iron shots.

One Golf Tip “That Will Change Your Chipping FOREVER!”

IT’S US PGA Championship week so what could possibly be better than getting “One Tip That Will Change Your Chipping FOREVER!” from a PGA Pro? Getting that same tip from two PGA Pro’s at once of course.

The Secret to Creating Effortless Power for Senior Golfers!

WHAT with bushfires and Covid and the rest there's been lots of tension around in 2020. That sort of ongoing tension is more than understandable but one place there shouldn't be tension is in the golf swing. In this new golf tips video US PGA Professional Jess Frank says tension is the one of the biggest destroyers of power of the golf swing. Frank offers some simple advice to help senior golfers hit the ball higher, farther and straighter than ever before.

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Saddle up for the 2021 Outback Queensland Masters: a new golf tourism “winner”

WITH the inaugural Outback Queensland Masters having just been announced as a national finalists in the 2020 Australian Event Awards it could be a most opportune time to consider saddling up for the 2021 edition of what is a very out of the ordinary golfing experience. The first Outback Queensland Master was conducted in 2019 and turned out to be such a golfing blast it has been nominated amongst the Best New Events in Australia.

Go Golfing’s Bushfire Recovery Golf Tour

Go Golfing Travel, one of Australia’s biggest and most awarded golf travel companies, has just launched a new golf tour aimed at supporting New South Wales communities ravaged by bushfires that struck the region over the Christmas/New Year period. Vast areas of the New South Wales' south coast were scorched by the fires, which severely impacted not only residents but the many tourism dependent businesses in the region, including golf courses and resorts. Peter McCarthy, owner of Go Golfing Travel, made a commitment to help the bushfire affected communities back in January and after some initial fundraising and cash donations has now announced the company's Bushfire Recovery Golf Tour.

Larry Canning: What’s the scariest golf hole you have ever played… without laughing?

By Larry Canning. ONE of my millions of twitter followers and respected golf photographer, Adrian Logue, recently sparked a timely “sitting at home in front of computer” conversation by asking the question “what’s the scariest hole you ever played?” It’s a great question and one that had me thinking long and hard.

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