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By Ken Brown. Mike Richards has played a leading role in South Australian amateur golf for the past 60 years. Mike Richards career highlights include beating Rodger Davis in matchplay and caddying for the late great Peter Thomson
CONSISTENTLY hooking or slicing the ball when you are trying to enjoy a round - or a lifetime - of golf can be a real bummer. Here top English golf coach Danny Maude explains the importance of "feeling and experiencing" what you are actually doing in your golf swing to help you to start hitting those drives straighter and longer.
The Victorian Government has announced that golf can continue to be played, subject to some conditions, in Metropolitan Melbourne and the Mitchell Shire despite...

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Veteran Golf

A Guide To Veteran Golf Around Australia

This guide gives a state by state overview of veteran golf in Australia. For the latest veteran golf news and events see postings in the Events/Veteran Golf category. VETERANS...


Concourse CBM3 Power Buggy, Smart Wheels Series 2: Review

CONCOURSE GOLF has certainly come a long way in a comparatively short time. Not only have their individual products like the renowned Smart Wheels quickly matured, but the range of offerings has also greatly expanded.

Ken and Darryl’s golf book reviews: June 2020. Nick O’Hern’s Tour Mentality; Hogan, Snead, Nelson, Tom Morris & more

We continue with our series of golf book reviews from top Australian senior amateur golfers Ken Brewer and Darryl Hearsch. Ken looks at three books focusing on the fascinating beginnings of professional golf while Darryl suggests a look inside Nick O’Hern’s Tour Mentality could do wonders for your mental game

IM4 Single Seat Golf Buggy: a top choice for older golfers

OLDER golfers needing a bit of motorised assistance around the course have a number of options but one that should not be overlooked is...


TaylorMade Truss TB1 putter: Dustin Johnson swears by them – at least for this week

DUSTIN JOHNSON seems to change putters only a little less often than he changes socks but the TaylorMade Truss TB1 he used to secure...

Alien Pros Golf Overgrips Review: Liven up your game with these great feeling, functional, low cost golf club grips

THEY reckon one of the quickest ways to revamp a “tired” set of golf clubs is to fit new grips. Traditionally, that meant a trip...

Garmin Approach S20 GPS golf watch: Review

Review by Brian O'Hare. I’VE got to state right at the outset that after six weeks of using the Garmin Approach S20 I’m totally won...


Pro vs Amateur: Golf Swing hip rotation comparison video

THIS is a fascinating new golf swing instruction video - as long as you're not threatened by the sight a a man's bottom cheeks pressed against a window pane. It's part of a series from Athletic Motion Golf demonstrating the difference between pro and amateur golf swings, and how the latter can begin narrowing the gap. In it we see "John",  a 50-something golfer with a single digit handicap who says he has a scratch marker short game but a double digit long game. "John" presents to AMG for help, saying he knows a big problem with his swing is thrusting his hips toward the golf ball in the downswing but has given up trying to fix that common fault.

Can you handle 7 minutes of ‘The Big Easy’s’ Slow Mo golf swings? If Not, Slow Down: “Simply a Thing of Beauty”

IT’S a big week for golf with the restart of the US PGA Tour and golf courses around the world reopened, or in the throes of it. But before we rush into it all maybe it is a good time to highlight what it is all about – the golf swing. The European Tour has just bobbed up with this seven minute YouTube video compilation of Ernie Els’ slow motion golf swings. The ET offered no more excuse for posting the video than: “One of the smoothest swings in the history of golf - Ernie Els' action in slow motion is simply a thing of beauty.”

Easiest Swing For Senior Golfers

WITH golf back on the agenda for many in Australia now it's probably a great time to be talking about "Freedom", specifically freeing the hips in the golf swing. This new and timely video from top UK golf coach Alistair Davies is all about advising older golfers how they should move their hips in order to maximise speed and "hit the best shots they possibly can".

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Larry Canning: What’s the scariest golf hole you have ever played… without laughing?

By Larry Canning. ONE of my millions of twitter followers and respected golf photographer, Adrian Logue, recently sparked a timely “sitting at home in front of computer” conversation by asking the question “what’s the scariest hole you ever played?” It’s a great question and one that had me thinking long and hard.

2020 NSW Veteran Matchplay Championship in Nelson Bay hopefully to be played in December

THE 2020 Latitude One NSW Veteran Golfers Association (NSWVGA) Matchplay Championship had to be postponed due to the Covid-19 outbreak but will now hopefully be able to be staged in December at its planned new venue in Port Stephens. With the proviso that the Coronavirus situation has been completely resolved by then [and here's hoping we all ride out the storm in as good a shape as possible], the tournament will be played the week of 7 - 11 December 2020.

Australia’s Top 100 Golf Courses Revealed: Golf Digest 2020 Rankings

GOLF DIGEST has just released its biennial rankings of Australia's top golf courses and as usual the list provides plenty to talk about. Star of the 2019 Presidents Cup (in composite form) Royal Melbourne West  continues to rule the roost (just), but three Tasmanian courses loom large in the Top 10, the Packer family’s private masterpiece Ellerston remains among the elite (despite a slight slip), while Clive's Palmer Resort Coolum has recovered from its dinosaur dramas to return to the fold.enty to talk about.

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New Golf Course Design

This new golf course design is being considered for deployment on the Parramatta River in Sydney. Designers are just working on a few glitches with the out of bounds areas.


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