Secret in the Dirt Part 1

Mike Maves aka Sevam1PROBABLY one of the worst things you can do in golf is watch a video on a new golf swing concept immediately before you’re due to tee off in a competition.

Even worse when you watch several videos, read instruction articles, and then a short time later find yourself standing over a ball on the first tee with your head swimming with all sorts of swing thoughts.

Paralysis by analysis, they aptly call it.

I should know it is bad as I think I have done it quite often.

One of the perils of this job is the need to regularly check a whole heap of golf websites and it is often so hard to ignore the lure of that interesting looking link to a magic cure to all your swing problems – just one simple new move and you’ll have countless more metres of the tee and dead accurate shots.

Along with the dross, there is a lot of very valuable advice out there – great stuff to take to the practice range and try out before you try and implement it in the middle of a competition round.

Yesterday I did it again. One quick peak at a link that caught my interest and that was it.

In my defence it was stuff from a source I have looked at quite a lot previously. So it was not all “new” to me and what really peaked by interest is that I finally “got” what was being said about a particular aspect of the swing.

Running late, I slammed the laptop shut, raced to my local course, hurriedly joined my playing companions on the first tee and – keeping this “new” technique in mind – promptly shot 25 stableford points on the front nine.

As I started analysing my success and what was happening with my swing things started to tighten up and became  a lot less pretty on the back nine…..but we don’t need to go into that at the moment.

The thing is I know this is something I know I can work with. I don’t want it to be a passing fad and be thinking in a few weeks time: what was that thing I was doing with my right foot a few weeks back?

The material I was looking at was all related to the new website Secret in the Dirt, a collaborative venture between Canadian Mike Maves (known across the internet as Sevam1) Australian golfing great Steve Elkington and Masters Champion Jackie Burke.

Secret in the Dirt is now a growing golfing community that originally arose when Maves, not a golf pro but just a guy with a great swing who immersed himself in the teachings of golfing legends like Ben Hogan and Moe Norman, posted a series of amateur videos on YouTube. (Warning: the cameraman is seriously annoying)

Elkington, and numerous of other experts were impressed by what they saw, and Sevam1 became something of an internet sensation.

The Secret in the Dirt title gives clue to what it is all about, basically swinging from the ground up – and to try and distil it quickly into a kernel Sevam makes much of the fact that Ben Hogan went to great lengths to have an extra spike added to the centre of his right golf shoe.

That’s the spot I was concentrating on yesterday morning when I was hitting my equal best front nine stableford score.

Rather than hip hopping all over the place trying to improve my swing and handicap, that’s the spot I intend to keep concentrating on.

There’s now a newly updated ebook of course (I’m going to start on the full version today) but if you are interested there is a heap of videos and other material freely available on the Secret in the Dirt website or on YouTube.

As the straight talking Sevam says in the original YouTube video below:

Some people are going to think this is quackery, but it is the simplest bloody thing in the world.”

I’ll keep you posted on how I  progress.




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