Golf club clone wars

You often hear discussions about the benefits of “clone” golf clubs versus brand name equipment. You also hear the comment, “they’re all made in the same factory in China anyway.” For many people it is not just a discussion about club performance, quality and value, the name on the back of the club is of major importance. Some say it is just like the fashion industry, all about perception.

Here, Cliff Nunn from Golf Clubs Down Under gives his side of the story. Others are welcome to comment. Just click the “Comment” tag at the end of the story or email ASG.


Clones V Brand Names 

by Cliff Nunn

In the family car market we have Ford, GMH, Toyota, Hyundai, and on and on. They all look very similar. Each of these companies learns from the other and “clone” or “knocks-off” the other’s design concepts. They all do this legally, ethically and with great vigor. It is a game of leap frog.

Well, so do we at Golf Clubs Down Under, but we do it in golf.

The most popular name brands in golf today are Callaway, Ping, Titleist, Cobra and TaylorMade. These companies (and we too) are just like the auto makers – leap frogging each other with innovative new product concepts, materials and fashion statements.

People say that a Honda looks like a “Merc.”, or that a Mercedes “looks like a Lexus”. Well, it is the same thing in golf. Consumers attribute a particular look/design to an advertised brand name and that is why we describe our clones as “Similar to …” to help you relate to the clubhead..

The goal of Clones in golf, as in cars (or computers for that matter), is to provide all of the performance features of a big name brand with a better value to the consumer.  We do not spend millions on marketing nor do we pay Tiger Woods to use our equipment.  These are costs which the brand names have to recover in the price of every club sold.  Money you pay over and above the true value of the club.

Essentially, clone clubheads are made from the same materials and employ the same design principles as the brand names they seek to flatter. Assembled with your choice of shaft and grip, they perform similar to or, (according to our customers) often better than the name brands.

The number of quality golf clubhead manufacturers world wide (mostly today in China) is very small and, very often, the clone club head is produced in the same foundry using the same materials, same machines as the brand name.

Illegal knockoffs and counterfeits have been a significant problem in the golf industry. The Name Brands talk about illegal clubs ripping them off, but counterfeiters also rip us off and you, the consumer, too. Be wary when you travel overseas. That set of Titleist or Callaway’s that look to be a “Steal” probably are a steal and, with anti-counterfeiting import measures now in place, you could loose them before you get home or get home to find they’re constructed of rubbish materials. We at Golf Clubs Down Under do not want that to happen.

Golf Clubs Down Under is very careful to not violate the valid rights of other companies. The clubheads we sell are legitimate clones that may look like and do play like but cost a lot less than the brand names.

Be my guest.  Call in and have a look at the range of Acer, Turbo Power, Power Play, Dynacraft, Raven and other clubs we offer at sensible prices at  Have you been fitted recently?  You’ll play better with clubs that properly fit your person and your game;

Photo inset:  A clone driver. Look Familiar?


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  2. Its a little bit like the debate between fake watches and Swiss made watches. Quite often the fake ones do the exact same thing and are made with similar movements. The problem is that they are capitalizing off of someone elses brand name.

    But, if the golf club is making its own way as a clone and not pretending to be anything else I think it is fine.

  3. i have a set of taylormade rocketbladez and aset of fbs 2.0 clones the clones are a sweeter feel same distance if not better and 1 third the price. what did it for me was my taylormades componants are all from china and assembled in china . so why should i pay for western wages. try the clones you will be amazed

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