New home exchange travel site for older golfers

Brian and Catriona LuckhurstWHEN keen golfer Brian Luckhurst was setting up a new home exchange internet site for the over 50’s it was probably inevitable that golf was going to play a big part.

Brian and wife Catriona are Scottish but live in London and set up Home Exchange 50 Plus in October 2009.

The site caters to all travellers but has a specialised golf section and Brian is keen to develop that aspect.

“We both love travelling and think swapping homes for holidays is a great concept, having done it a couple of times when our children were younger,” Brian says.

“Home Exchanging or Home Swapping is when you agree to swap homes, and often cars, with someone,” Brian explains.

“You stay in their home and they stay in yours, and no money changes hands. It is an economical way to holiday and an exciting way to travel, to experience other cultures and see other countries differently, through local eyes, not as a tourist.”

The couple believe the over 50’s are becoming increasing interested in a concept that ideally suits them.

“The older generation, seniors, baby boomers or whatever name we are being given these days, are becoming great fans of Home Exchanging,” Brian says. “We tend to be more flexible on dates with more free time available, we don’t normally have to worry about school holidays as we are often empty nesters, and cost savings are very important to us. I also think we are of an age when we like the idea of seeing things from a different perspective, we no longer like being seen just as tourists and often prefer to live more like a local when on holiday.”

As for the specialised golfing section, Brian admits he couldn’t help himself.

“As a keen golfer, this is mostly a selfish thing, although we do hope to include other specialised areas within the website in the future,” he says. “Golf at Home Exchange 50plus is aimed at providing the golfers amongst us with the low-cost way to play a round worldwide – a golfing break with a difference and without the accommodation costs. Saving money on accommodation will help greatly with the cost of green fees. Save more – play more!”

“Golfing members can liken this section to belonging to a worldwide golf club which is aimed at golfers everywhere who, not only have the passion for the glorious game and its camaraderie and experiences, but who also love to travel and would like to play new and different courses.

“By developing this section, we hope to be able to offer access to great courses around the world which may be otherwise be unavailable to our members, and perhaps even give them the opportunity of playing them as a member’s guest!”

Although the website is still in its infancy there are an increasing number of members from around the world and annual subscriptions are currently free.

Visit the site here: Home Exchange 50 Plus

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