New Australian Golf Handicap System Begins on April 9, 2010


THE first stage of Australia’s new golf handicapping system will now commence on Friday April 9.

Golf Australia has announced the new start date, saying the initial package will only include the implementation of the USGA “Rolling Sample” handicap method and the removal of CCR for men’s handicapping.

The full implementation of the US “Slope” system cannot begin till all courses have been individually rated, and that will probably not be completed till sometime next year.

Other parts of the new system will be introduced later in the year.

Under the Rolling Sample Method, which will also apply to women’s handicaps, the average of the best 10 of a golfer’s previous 20 round is taken.

This figure is then multiplied by 0.96 to give the current handicap.

GA says the system, used both in the US and Europe, provides a better representation of a player’s current playing ability and along with the Slope system is more portable between courses.

Golf Clubs on Golf Link and players need do nothing different to prepare for the changes as all relevant figures and scores will be recalculated and will automatically appear (touch wood) when the system switches over at 9 am on April 9.

For the background to the changes see our original story Australia to

Adopt US Handicap System.

For details of the Rolling Sample system see this GA explanation.

Golf Handicap Changes Q & A Published March 19, 2010




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