A perfect swing for older inflexible golfers?

Jeffrey Mann over at the Perfect Golf Swing Review website has published a new “review paper” that he believes may be of particular interest to inflexible senior golfers.

As we have reported before, Jeff is a retired doctor who for the past several years has devoted himself to analysing and detailing all aspects of the golf swing.

As we’ve also said before, and as Jeff readily warns, his material is very detailed and is not for the faint hearted. If you are looking for a quick golf swing fix this definitely isn’t the place.

If however, you are interested in thoroughly understanding or continuing to explore the modern golf swing (or maybe you’re an “expert” and would beg to differ on some aspects) this is a destination where you can spend hours going through the material.



One of the great things about Perfect Golf Swing Review is that Jeff has trawled the internet (and the golf libraries) to come up with relevant YouTube videos, clips and link to help explain each concept.

Jeff’s (relatively) new paper is titled “Left Arm Swinging, Right Arm Swinging and Hitting.”

Jeff has detailed the difference between “Swingers” (Tiger Woods and the majority of pros) and “Hitters” (Kenny Perry) before but in this detailed review he also looks at “Right Arm Swinging” which, he says, may be beneficial for some senior golfers to consider.

Jeff says the right arm swinging method may be very suitable to older inflexible golfers or flexible golfers who swing better when using their dominant right hand as their major power source.

“I believe that right arm swinging is particularly suitable for golfers who cannot pivot well due to a lack of torso/spinal flexibility and who cannot easily keep their left arm straight throughout the backswing and downswing,” Jeff writes.

“I believe that a well executed pivot action is essential for a left arm swinger, but less critical for a right arm swinger, who doesn’t use a pivot-drive action to power the swing.”

So older golfers with a stiff spine, or as Jeff describes it, little “hula hula” flexibility may find this swing perfect.

We have a number of Jeff’s YouTube videos on the subject embedded below.







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