How to Play Your Best Golf: Nick O’Hern’s new book

HIGHLY respected golf pro Nick O’Hern – the only golfer ever to have beaten Tiger Woods head to head twice at the World Matchplay Championship – reckons when it comes to shooting lower scores it is not all about good technique.

Sure , he says, sound golfing fundamentals are important but the ‘magic ingredient’ in golf is what works for you – not for some 350 metre drive-smashing gorilla on the PGA Tour.

O’Hern says there are plenty of technically gifted players who can’t post a decent score.

And the now 50 year old West Australian should know. He turned pro as a 4 handicapper in 1994 (against the advice of many) and spent some two decades playing professional golf across the globe at the highest level – despite being one of the tour’s shortest hitters and not possessing a classically styled golf swing.

O’Hern is confident if he caddied for an 18 handicapper they would drop at least 6 strokes immediately – two from better club selection, two from better course management and two from better green reading.

His new book – How to Play Your Best Golf – he says is fundamentally about everything you don’t learn on a driving range.

As the blurb says:

How to Play Your Best Golf is the essential golf handbook to help any golfer understand and improve their game.

In this guide, highly respected pro golfer Nick O’Hern takes you through the strategies to golfing success. He reveals the key secrets of professional golfers, discusses how playing to your strengths can yield a better result, and describes all the tactics you can use to score, from course strategy and club selection to pre-game preparation and harnessing the power of mindset.

How to Play Your Best Golf is the perfect gift not only for the golfer of old but for the new generation of golfers. Packaged in a handsome hardback format with beautiful photography, this book is both practical and revealing in helping golfers reach their true potential.

Nick O’Hern’s Play Your Best Golf is available at Amazon Australia here

As is his first book – Tour Mentality


You can listen to O’Hern talking about How to Play Your Best Golf recently with Rod Morri on The Thing About Golf Podcast here:

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