Augusta – where one word is never enough


ONE thing I love about the US Masters is how damn poetic the US television commentators get at its outset.

Before a ball is struck and as the field is just settling in they haven’t got much actual current golf to talk about to their huge international television audience so they wax lyrical basically on a formula of sporting tournament with rich history takes place in naturally beautiful setting.

So they have continuous montages of natural often (human) empty scenes of the admittedly stunningly beautiful course and say things like: “Augusta…where nature’s renewal meets golf’s quest for immortality.”

I didn’t have to make that quote up as it has been sitting in my notebook since last year waiting to get out.

I can remember watching the early stages of the event last year and thinking, basically, that I can’t believe the amount of waxing lyrical and woods and flowerbeds and the bridge over Amen Corner is going on here.

And if you think they get eloquently excited over the flowerbeds, wait till they start talking about that Tiger fellow and his new knee.


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